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Discover new opportunities for your business!

Thank you for an exciting week at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2024.
"Too much to keep to yourself. New products. New services. New solutions. Clever opportunities for your company."
Under this motto, we had the pleasure of meeting you at the international trade fair in Nuremberg. Our team was delighted with the visitors on site and the many personal discussions. Discover the highlights of the week once again.

Messe Fensterbau Fronate - Überraschungsbox

We’ve got your back:

Winkhaus services provide expertise for professionals

Gain a key competitive advantage: Winkhaus partners benefit from many additional services. Whether it’s the partner portal, customer-specific training, TBDK tests or tailored master data for your window construction software – we do everything we can to create added value for you.

Notebook mit Strahlen

Great outlook for sliding elements: primePort

A system range for every situation: Whether it’s slide-tilt, retract-slide or lift-slide windows – no task is too difficult for primePort.  

The innovative fittings score points with unprecedented ease of use, user-friendly technology and an extremely wide range of applications. It’s time to get excited! primePort has a surprise waiting for you at our fair stand.

primePort Wohnküche

Optimal solutions for entrance doors:

autoLock AV4D

Lasting convenience for doors with a trendy look: The new generation of automatic security door locking systems is robust, convenient and particularly suitable for external doors in a dark look: Winkhaus autoLock AV4D.

Thanks to the redesigned geometry of the tried-and-tested Winkhaus duo hook, the door sash finds its optimal position in the frame more smoothly than ever before. The door opens and locks smoothly, even in intense sunlight. Test for yourself how easily the door closes at the fair stand!

autoLock AV4D Haustür

Even more convenient opening and closing:

blueMatic EAV4/EAV4+

Carefree convenience for trendy external doors: blueMatic EAV4 locks effortlessly even when pulled closed. When opened, its powerful 24 V motor retracts the solid hooks – in both residential and commercial buildings.

The highlight with a “plus”: blueMatic EAV4+ contains a radio module in the motor housing, which communicates in close range via Bluetooth® and WLAN. In combination with the Winkhaus doorControl App, smartphones become electric releases. No additional installations and control modules are required. Discover what the new technology can do in Nuremberg.

blueMatic EAV4 Haustür

Fulfils exceptional demands:


The most convenient way to operate a door. The new generation of the fully-motorised blueMotion+ door locking system with 24 V motor does a lot: It drives the two hooks and main bolts during closing and opening, pulls the door sash very firmly into the frame and achieves a high level of weather performance.

The radio module in the motor housing of the blueMotion+ system communicates with the smartphone and the Winkhaus doorControl App installed on it via Bluetooth® or WLAN: To open the door, simply tap your finger on the display. You can find out exactly how this works at our fair stand!

blueMotion+ Haustür

The easiest way to an intelligent entrance door:

Winkhaus doorControl App

Less is more: Say goodbye to complicated installation and wiring! The smart generation of our motorised automatic multi-point locking systems responds to your smartphone.

Simply install the app and operate your door via Bluetooth® or WLAN. No additional control modules are required. This saves technical effort and costs and is a flexible alternative to access control systems such as fingerprint or pinpad! Experience it live at our fair stand!

Smartphone mit doorControl App